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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 Last Update: 12:31 AM ET

Biotech Firms, Billions at Risk, Lobby States to Limit Generics

The industry’s lobbying effort could blunt new competition to its products and reduce the savings anticipated in the federal health care overhaul.

U.S. Considers Base for Spy Drones in North Africa

The military’s Africa Command is making preparations to install unarmed drones as Islamist extremist groups are seen as posing a growing menace to the region.

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Timbuktu Retaken, France Signals Plans to Pull Back in Mali

The rapid advance to Timbuktu, a day after French and African troops took control of the rebel stronghold of Gao, may spell the beginning of the end of France’s major involvement.

Yemen Seizes Boat Filled With Arms Possibly From Iran

The boat was filled with explosives, weapons and money, and American officials said there were indications that Iran was smuggling the contraband to insurgents inside Yemen.

Jerry Brown, left, with his parents, former Gov. Edmund G. Brown of California and Bernice Brown, celebrates his reelection as governor of California in 1978.
Lennox McLendon/Associated Press

In California, Son Aims to Restore a Legacy

Gov. Jerry Brown, left in 1978, is eager to take an active role in shaping the state’s higher education systems, much as his father, former Gov. Pat Brown, center, did.

Bipartisan Plan Faces Resistance in G.O.P.

Members of Congress will have to overcome deep-seated resistance to push immigration legislation forward.

A Frantic Struggle for Victims of Fire in Brazil

Survivors’ accounts describe a panicked push to open exit doors in a tragedy that left more than 230 dead.

Scouts Rethink Ban on Gay Members, in Quick Shift

Under a proposed policy, local Boy Scouts chapters would be allowed to choose on their own whether to allow gays.

Super Bowl XLVII
Probable Choice of Game Referee Draws Skepticism

Jerome Boger must have had some help to earn the kind of officiating grades required for the assignment, experts in the field say.

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Cookbooks Echo With the Wisdom of Chefs Past

People who wouldn’t dare write in other kinds of books don’t hesitate to edit, write reviews and even note special occasions next to recipes.

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Now We’re Talking

The plan released by eight senators sets the stage for a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Op-Ed: When Jim Crow Drank Coke

Behind the N.A.A.C.P. brief against Mayor Bloomberg’s soda restriction is a tangled history of race and prohibition.

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Ask Well: Squats for Aging Knees

The Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds responds to a reader who is concerned about her painful knees.


Drug-Dose Gender Gap

An advisory highlights how men and women respond differently to medicines.

Behind the Wheel | 2013 Ford C-Max
Any Engine You Like, but Only if It’s a Hybrid

For the C-Max, Ford looked to Europe, where small cars are accepted realities of life. Then the company went “all California,” making the car only a hybrid model.

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Corner Office
The Six Steps of Leadership (Plus Courage)

G. J. Hart, the chief executive of California Pizza Kitchen, says good leaders need several qualities, all surrounded by the courage to be different.

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